This AI music listening session, led by the renowned music expert Mr. Lin Tianji, invites you to explore Beethoven's 14th Piano Sonata, known as the "Moonlight Sonata." First, Mr. Lin Tianji will introduce the background and significance of this sonata, explaining Beethoven's sources of inspiration when composing and how he infused emotions into the music. He will share the composer's use of keyboard techniques and how he created a unique emotional atmosphere. Next, through AI music listening technology, we will listen to the beautiful melodies and breathtaking playing techniques found in this sonata. The audience will have the opportunity to appreciate Beethoven's music, which is like poetry, and gain a deep understanding of the meaning and expression behind each musical phrase. During the listening experience, we will immerse ourselves in the charm of the "Moonlight Sonata." Mr. Lin Tianji, with his rich musical knowledge and insights, will guide the audience to understand the structure, emotional shifts, and musical highlights of this sonata. This AI music listening experience will help us better appreciate and love Beethoven's music, and understand his unique and profound artistic expression. Whether you are a music enthusiast or encountering Beethoven's work for the first time, this will be an unforgettable musical journey. Let us explore the musical feast that the "Moonlight Sonata" brings to us together. 

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