Asia's largest Showcase music festival, "The Gentry Stroll Music Festival," is about to kick off from November 3rd to November 5th. This marks the festival's seventh year. With the gradual abatement of the pandemic, this year we received a total of 923 submissions from creators, with 55% of musicians coming from 36 different countries worldwide. These musicians hail from major European nations, Japan, the United States, Poland, Israel, Senegal, the Congo, Jamaica, and more. They will be the highlight performers of this year's music festival. We have carefully curated a lineup from these performers from around the world to provide every gentry with the most diverse and novel multi-genre musical feast. In addition to the musical performances, the Gentry Stroll Music Festival seamlessly combines music exhibitions with urban exploration each year. The performance venues are spread across multiple locations, allowing you to not only immerse yourself in the rich history of cultural landmarks but also feel the pulse of modern art. As you wander through these venues, you will discover countless delicious snacks, charming little shops, and unique bars. Perhaps you might even have a chance encounter with your favorite musicians. Over the weekend of the Gentry Stroll Music Festival, the Central-West District of Tainan will transform into a musical village that connects everything, always ready to welcome beloved friends and those you hold dear. The Gentry Stroll Music Festival has always regarded its fans as gentry. For those who are full of curiosity and eager for exploration, this is not just a festival for all bands and musicians; it is also our festival. Every year, we aim to help you discover more fascinating places, open your ears, open your body, and open your soul. The festival provides not only musical enjoyment and adventure but also allows you to savor delectable cuisine, experience textures, and engage with your spirit. We hope that every gentry will fully relax during this weekend and come together to enjoy this musical journey! 

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